A fool never learns by his mistakes, yet a wise man learns from the mistakes of others - Latin Proverb

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The Rainbow Chain Ltd was born from the pursuit of ethics in commerce.

We are an ethical holding and birthing company, which invests in business ideas that will facilitate a commercial move towards self sustainability on a global scale, starting with Continental, working through National and Regional, with the ultimate goal being the creation of local self-sustainability, all of which is funded by the customer, as opposed to what we consider to be the disproportionate lining of the pockets of shareholders.

When we refer to Self-sustainability, we believe that the future of the human race should not be dependent upon any resources and products that originate from at least any other Continent. Globalisation, in our mind, puts the future of the human race (and consequently future evolution, both physical, spiritual and technological) in jeopardy.

Inspired by Gandhi’s “Seven Blunders of the World”, the collective knowledge base of the internet and the applied principles of Alan Scott, John Palaguta-Iles wrote the company policy:

  • Policy with Principle This company policy is the reference upon which all company policies within The Rainbow Chain Ltd must operate within.
  • Commerce With Morality It is The Company’s intention, through the actions it chooses to take, to have a positive effect on the environment and inhabitants of the areas to which it supplies products and employs personnel and services. We seek to source as many products and services from local businesses, adhering strictly to their terms of service, in order that we may actively encourage local, national and continental self sustainability through the medium of commerce. The Company seeks to treat others in commerce the way we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • Wealth With Work It is The Company’s intention to employ personnel at above the average wage for their respective industry and position. It is also The Company’s intention that it shall give two thirds of the net profits, that is payable to dividend, to charity.
  • Science With Humanity It is the Company’s intention to consider the ethic of reciprocity as it develops new markets and new products.

Charitable donations given by The Rainbow Chain and any of its subsidiaries, under its company policy, must fall into at least one of the following pre-requisites:

  1. Supporting the preservation and natural evolution of indigenous and endangered cultures and species
  2. Active involvement in assisting and creating local, national & continental self sustainability
  3. The education of free will & self governance
  4. Working with nature to fight disease.

Applications for donations should be addressed to charity@therainbowchain.com.
Applications for investment should be addressed to invest@therainbowchain.com.

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Inspired by Gandhi's "Seven Blunders of the World", the collective knowledge base of the Internet and the applied principles of Alan Scott Read the Policy

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